Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On backstabbers

Following Del. Sam "Zell" Arora's inexplicable will he/won't he over voting for gay marriage in Maryland (the bill didn't pass the House this year, and is on hold until next January), I had a few chores to do.

First, I had to rip the "Sam Arora for Delegate" sticker off my bumper.

Second, I had to post a public apology on for having donated to his campaign.

Third, I had to check the list of donors to his campaign against the dozens of names I'd given him from my fundraising database, to make sure that my donors weren't going to hold it against me forever that I'd given their info to a cheap, cowardly liar.

Finally, I had to start looking for a candidate to run against him in three years, when he's up for re-election (sadly, we don't have a recall provision here in MD).

Treachery doesn't just hurt feelings: it takes up a lot of time, too.

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